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In Anglo Saxon times, there has been a Royal manor on the site until the 16th century when it was owned by a member of parliament Thomas Owen who died in 1598 before the new Hall was completed and its designer remains a matter of debate. Condover Hall remained in the hands of the Owen family for many years until the mid-18th Century when it went to a cousin. In 1896 the estate was sold to Mr E B Fielden who had cotton mills in Todmorden, he in turn sold it to a local man  in September 1927 who lived nearby at Pitchford Hall whilst the extensive renovations were carried out to Condover Hall.

During the war years the Hall was occupied by the ATS and was also used by South Africa House, London who took over the gardens, the produce from which was sent to South Africa House each week.

For over sixty years since 1946 the Hall had been run as a residential school, initially for blind children when owned by the   RNIB and latterly under private ownership as a school for   autistic children, covering boy boarders and co-educational day pupils. The school and college both closed during 2009 It is said that no heir to Condover Hall will prosper since the hall was cursed from the gallows by a butler falsely accused of murder who's last words were" Before Heaven I am innocent, though my master's son swears me guilty. And as I perish an innocent man, may those who follow my murdered lord be cursed."

 The butler had been condemned by the lies of the son of Knyvett, lord of the manor, who had stabbed his father to death. As he stumbled down the basement stairs, Knyvett reached out his bloodied hand leaving an imprint upon the wall which defied all attempts to wash it away - the marked stone had to be eventually chipped clean.

The hall has been plagued for decades by ghostly figures, grey ladies, eerie footsteps and doors mysteriously closing themselves. It was so bad that in 2010, a priest was called in to carry out a blessing on some of the rooms where children now sleep (it is now used as a multi educational facility) in order to try and calm the evil spiritsMany visitors to the hall since have reported seeing a grey lady, hearing the sound of footsteps and doors closing and a couple dressed in Victorian clothing spotted.