tettenhall towers- tettenhall nr birmingham

Tetten Main

Built on the site of the former Holly bush Inn,   Tettenhall Towers was a former family home dates back to 1771 when it was built by Thomas Pearson. It then became the home of the Thorneycroft family in 1853. The eccentric Colonel Thorneycroft was a cruel man to his servants that it gained him notoriety in local history. He is said to still haunt the towers unhappy with people who visit his home.

He loved to invent things and it's said that he liked to push his butlers from the top of the building to try out his flying machines. He would also use towers in order to communicate to his workers by using various flags. Although he owned a lot of property, his favourite was Tettenhall Towers. It was he who made the decision to add the actual towers to the building while extending the property around 1866.  As well as the towers, he made a lot of other alterations such as adding a 500 seater theatre / great hall and a 44 foot waterfall.

The house also had various heating and ventilation systems which were elaborate for its time but were created by the man himself. This building is a maze of long corridors / numerous rooms / attics and cellars.

 The actual college was founded in 1863, and the stage in the theatre which was originally a sprung floor ballroom was added for the school. Tettenhall towers were then actually sold to the college in the 1940s.the College still board's students from abroad.

Paranormal activity includes the documented sightings of Col. Thorneycroft himself who is unhappy at having people in his home.  There have been recorded temperature drops, footsteps as well as full bodied apparitions which have been seen formally. Feelings of being watched and silhouettes of former residents have also been seen, .giggling children have been heard in the attic rooms which are known as the Dolls House which is split into 2 areas with one only being accessed by a small gap in the wall. The buildings caretaker refuses to enter the Dolls House due to a terrifying personal experience.