westbury pool - westbury




A caretaker in blue overalls and a male, who misjudged his landing when diving from the balcony snapping his neck, are among the many spirits wandering this lovely old baths in the twilight hours.

Originally  constructed by a wealthy mill owner William Laverton, since opening its doors to the public in 1887, Westbury pool is thought to be the  oldest working public Pool. Not only was this building being used as a pool during this era, in former years it has also been a billeting station for WW1 soldiers as well as being used for dances during the winter months when it was considered too cold to swim (there was a suspended floor which would be pulled out covering the unheated pool) This wonderful Victorian building, is not only busy with activity during the daytime hours, it's just as active once the lights go out also. Members of staff and visitors alike have all on numerous occasions reported strange goings on in these buildings with full bodied apparitions being seen. Taps turn on by themselves, there's knocks on doors when there's no one there. The office manager has been poked in her office and a bottle of talc left on the side and observed to be there by a cleaner, has then been ten minutes later thrown across the floor and child's footprints running through it. These are just a few incidents reported as late as May 2014. It's a favourite of ours with some of the most fascinating activity experienced so far 

Given the fact that Westbury is believed to be located on a number of ley lines as well as the building housing a large amount of water (spirits are said to be attracted by water) is it any surprise that so much activity has been experienced here? Full bodied apparitions are seen poolside. Another male in blue overalls believed to be the old caretaker George has also been seen walking throughout the building including the female changing rooms. Locker doors swing open by themselves / lights turn themselves on and off and staff and visitors have all reported being pushed by unseen hands, some into the pool itself.