bodmin jail- bodmin cornwall



Built in 1779 by King George III, this jail saw many execution including 55 hangings. The prison also housed women, only 4 of whom were hanged for killing their own children. The jail has also in its time been used to hold for safety, state papers, the doomsday book as well as the crown jewels. Apparitions, rattling keys and unexplained voices all await you at this terrifying old goal.

The gaol which could hold up to 150 prisoners at a time was built by the prisoners themselves out of 20,000 tonnes of granite. The conditions of the gaol were grim and dank, with torture, starvation and other methods used in order to make the prisoners lives a misery. The jail holds a fully working execution pit and hanging noose, the last hanging being in 1909. It fell into disuse and decay until 2004 when the current owners bought and restored the building into what it is today.

Many apparitions and misty figures have been seen on the balconies and upper corridors. The sound of keys rattling and ghostly voices have been heard. One of the spirits thought to be haunting the jail is that of Matthew Weeks, who although continually protesting his innocence, was hanged for the brutal murder of a female. Is Selina Wadge the spirit who affects pregnant visitors? After all, she DID murder her illegitimate son.