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A soldier in the bar, a lady in blue waiting for an unknown guest on the stairs and praying women in the cellar are among the many spirits that haunt this jewel of a building in Shropshire's crown. Although there are records of the Lion Hotel dating back to 1618 it's believed that it has a longer history as it was built on one of Shrewsbury's busiest roads. Over time it has grown so that it is now housed in three buildings. The timber-framed section in the middle is the oldest with parts dating back to the 15th century. The carved lions that stand over the front door and the assembly room at the rear are thought to date from 1777. The lower section of the hotel has been a private house and an Inland Revenue office, before being absorbed into the Lion.

Throughout its life it has held many a dinner, concert and glittering balls and entertained gentry and famous guests alike. Among some of its better known guests have been: King William IV, Charles Dickens, Charles Darwin, Benjamin Disraeli and in more modern times the Beatles,Morecambe and Wise, Cliff Richard and many others. In fact Charles Dickens noted on his stays that:

"We have the strangest little rooms, the ceilings of which I can touch with my hand. The windows bulge out over the street, as if they were little stern windows in a ship and a door opens out of the sitting room onto a little open gallery with plants in it where one leans over a queer old rail and looks all downhill and slantwise at the crookedest old black and yellow houses".

The documented haunting of this fantastic hotel is of an old soldier who has been seen on numerous occasions in the Tudor bar by guests and staff alike.  The curved staircase leads to a secret room which was blocked off years ago and yet moans can still be heard coming from within it and the sight of a candle burning has been seen from within through a window.

A lady in grey has also been spotted in the ballroom and a blue lady has been seen on the stairs and landing as if waiting for someone.  It's believed that one guest who committed suicide may be the reason for the strange feelings in the corridor outside room 209.  The cellar area used to be used as a chapel and this is the site where two ladies seated in prayer have been spotted.

This hotel really is a jewel in Shropshire's crown. What will you experience during your visit??