margam park- nr port talbot swansea

Margam Castle

Margam Castle was originally built on the site of an ancient Iron Age settlement; there has been a mansion house on the site since the 1500s belonging to the Talbot family. The original house was then demolished to make way for a magnificent orangery but on its completion, proud of his achievement, architect Christopher Talbot made the decision to rebuild a mansion house to complement it. The current house or "Castle" was built over a 10yr period in 1830-40 for the Talbot family as a mock castle as part of the gothic revival. It stayed in the Talbot family until the 1940s where it was sold. However the new owner found the house too big to use as a private dwelling and so it fell into disrepair. It was only after a major fire in the 1970s that a major renovation project was undertaken and it was opened to the public.

 Angry gamekeepers, mischievous giggling children and ghostly voices are among the many sightings and happenings at this, one of the most haunted mansion houses in Wales. A Monk encountered on the main stairs who doesn't want people there, a female spirit also seen on the top of the main stairs believed to be the spirit of the lady of the house who fell to her death. Children's voices have been heard around the nursery.