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Originally built in 1861 when Europe was on the verge of war by David Gamble, Mill Street Barracks was created when during the Boer War it was decided that we needed a home guard. Since that time, it has accommodated many branches of the armed forces during the wars that followed. As well as being used as a morgue during those wars, it was also a place for young men and women to go and volunteer their services in the war efforts and sign up. However the building hasn't only been exclusively used by the military, it has also been used as an isolation ward for mainly children with TB, a music hall and casino. Beneath the barracks is a tunnel to a nearby church where the bodies were taken to be blessed before being returned. There are also links to a nunnery. In the late 80s, it started to be used by the Sea Cadets who still use it today. As you can imagine, with so many people passing through the building during its time, the accommodation block would also have a lot of history as it has housed families, and caretakers to name but a few. 

As for paranormal activity, a lot of varying paranormal sightings have been experienced and seen. Some of those reported have been: Bruce the three legged black dog who is a former resident. He has been seen numerous times over the years believed to be looking for his master. He is just one of a number of animals seen. There have been a number of sightings of a male named Jack on the upper levels; he seems to take particular interest in the ladies!!!

An Angry Man. This male is in the highest room in the old accommodation block. No one knows what he's angry about but he has a habit of pushing people down the stairs or into walls Lots of children are also seen. They like to gain attention from guests. One is a little girl who is seen in a classroom walking through a cupboard. Others include a hanging man, a badly burnt man in the office and a doctor in the cellars who doesn't like people invading his space. Footsteps, shuffling and whispers have also been heard over the years and there have been sightings of nuns.