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 A whistling soldier, ghostly voices and a white figure seen wandering the parapets are among just some of the ghostly goings on at this Victorian fort. A survey carried out in 2007 by The National Lottery discovered that the Fort was voted one of the spookiest locations in the UK; in fact staff members sometimes refuse to visit certain areas by themselves.

One of the best remaining Victorian fort structures in the country, the construction of the  Nothe Fort was commissioned for £120,000 in 1860 by a civilian contractor who soon ran out of money. The job was then given to 50 soldiers of the 26 Company of the Royal Engineers, forerunners of 26 Armoured Assault Squadron who used twelve-inch-square oak scaffold poles to carry steam gantries and cranes. Although the original intention was to build an open battery, due to the threat from the French, the amount of gun needed was doubled and basement gun ports were filled in and earth embanked up to them.

In 1938 it was used as a central anti-aircraft ammunition depot and some of the casemates and magazines on the south side were converted for storage. Guns as far away as Coventry were supplied from here.  However, the Fort did not see action against the enemy until World War 2, when the main threat came from the air. Until then the big guns had mainly been fired in training and in competitive events. However, in July 1940 two mystery ships failed to identify themselves and were fired on. They quickly turned on all their lights to reveal themselves as refugees from the Channel Islands.

In 1956 the Fort was temporarily used to house naval stores and degaussing equipment. In 1961 it was purchased by Weymouth and Melcombe Regis Council who, at the time, were interested mainly in the military land available and were unable to advance any viable scheme for the use of the Fort.

However, vandals then caused immense damage to the buildings, tearing down woodwork and selling the metal fittings and by 1979 the Weymouth Civic Society obtained a licence to restore the fort and to open it to the public.

As for paranormal activity,There has always been the story of a ghostly whistling gunner and many people claim to have heard his eerie whistling in the Fort's extensive underground passageways.  Tales of this phantom have been talked about for decades around Weymouth. The fort in fact now has a passageway named after him.Other witnesses report seeing a white figure seen walking the parapets of the building when it is locked. doors have been heard to bang and ghostly voices heard.