skirrid inn nr abergavenny

Skirrid -main

Mentioned in the Doomsday book and known as the "oldest Inn in Wales", The Skirrid Mountain Inn has a history dating back over 900 years. It is said that the inn was used as a rallying point for local supporters of the Welsh revolt against the rule of Henry IV, the uprising being led by Owain Glyndwr whose troops rallied in the cobbled courtyard before raiding nearby settlements. The first floor of the inn was once used as a Court of Law and over the period of a great many years, as many as 180 prisoners were hung from a hanging beam over the staircase as a result of  "hanging" judge Jeffrey's who is said to have presided over the court. This beam is still in situ and has the indentations still in it from the rope. At the foot of the stairs is the stone slab on which the bodies were placed following the hanging. Halfway up the stairs is the cell where the prisoners spent their last night, listening in to the joviality of their prosecutor and executioner in the bar below. Steeped in history, the inn claims to have some of the finest oak beams in the country made from ships timbers and containing original peg holes. The stone structure as well as some of the windows are original and the mounting stone in the forecourt has been used by many of England's past kings. Oak panelling in the restaurant is also said to come from ships.

With such a chequered past, the inn, has several ghosts residing within it. One being a former barmaid called Fanny Price. Glasses often fly across the bar by themselves and faces have been seen in windows. Guests feel a tightening around their necks not unlike a noose, at times leaving a mark. Judge Jeffries is said to still linger in the upper floors of the Inn, along with the hanged John Crowther who is reported to be very active throughout the building A malevolent spirit thought to be the hangman is said to be present on the stairs, and a more benevolent soul in the form of Father Henry Vaughn, thought to have been from a local church, is also said to be grounded here and has no intention of leaving the Inn.

Other reports include soldiers which have been heard in the courtyard Unexplained knocking sounds, doors slamming shut on their own, doors shaking before opening by themselves, alarms going off with no cause found, footsteps heard and cold spots have also been witnessed. The feeling of a noose around your neck, flying glasses and the spirit of a hangman are just a small part of the activity