st johns house- warwick

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The spirits of two sisters who both met tragic deaths. A violent man in the cellar and Ghostly footsteps and children walking the corridors are just a few of the things that you may experience on a night at this fantastic location.St John's House is now a museum as well as the first floor dedicated to the Royal Warwickshire Fusiliers museum, the building you visit isn't the first that was built on the site

It has had various uses. The first recorded building was   a hospital dedicated to St John the Baptist which was founded in the 12th century giving not only help to the ill, but casual overnight board for travellers. During the monastic dissolution, the building was changed and altered into the current Jacobean building you see today. It was bought in 1788 by the Earl of Warwick and was used as a private residence until 1815 when it was then used as a private school. The same family until the 1960s when it was passed to the county council who turned it into the museum. Therefore as with other buildings of such an age with such a rich history, it's not surprising that some of its previous occupants have decided to remain in the building to this day

Some of the paranormal activity within the building includes ghostly footsteps and voices thought to belong to young girls. Over the years the figure of a woman has also been seen. Children have been seen walking the many corridors. Are they on their way to their lessons?? A wife beater has been previously picked up in the cellar and a ghostly boy on the stairs.

There is also the story of two sisters which has been documented. Both died in horrific circumstances, one being burnt to death after her clothes caught fire when she was warming herself by the fire and the other dying of fright during a break in a the house.