station hotel dudley


The Station hotel was partially opened in the late 19th century and was unveiled in 1910 as a luxurious new hotel which was to compliment the grand Opera house opposite.

However, in 1933 the Opera house burnt to the ground and the decision was made to demolish the hotel and rebuild it. When the Dudley Hippodrome opened its doors, such famous performers such as Laurel and Hardy, Bob Hope / Gracie Fields and Bing Crosby as well as many more famous names stayed at the hotel due to its proximity to the theatre. Their photos still adorn the hallway as you enter this nostalgic hotel.

Since then, guests and staff alike have reported various ghostly goings on in the hotel such as in room 214 where Living TV's "Most Haunted" captured on camera a bed and chair moving by them. Other bedrooms have similar activity such as room 213 where the TV has a mind of its own switching itself on and off (also witness by our team) as well as figures being present in room 217. In room 214 guests also wake to find themselves being watched by a ghostly figure in the room. Children are seen to run down the corridors, disappearing into the walls. So many of the bedrooms on the main floor have had such experiences that it is now known as the haunted corridor.

The cellars hold their own secrets. Long corridors and dark corners as well as many side rooms create a very eerie atmosphere where shadows, mists and lights are seen. Various noises are also heard and visitors who dare to enter them are touched by unseen hands. A gruesome murder of a young woman is said to have taken place in the hotel, her body then thrown down the barrel chute. She remains at the hotel wandering the corridors. A feeling of fear and foreboding are sensed in the cellar. Is this location linked to the murdered girl's body?