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A male who doesn't like females, is just one of the spirits at this Georgian house. Constructed in 1835, this lovely building was originally known as Landsdowne House until it was given its Present name of Victoria House in 1841. During these first 6 years, it remained empty until a vicar and his family moved in for a short while before it was used as a family hotel. It then became a "ladies academy "school for a number of years and was one of the original "Grand Houses" of Leamington Spa. It became a Masonic Hall in 1889 when it was bought for £800.


During WW2, it was used as a billet for ex-patriated soldiers of the Free Czechoslovakia Army. A few of these very soldiers took part in the famous mission Anthropoid in which they were successful in the assassination of Reinhardt Heidrich in 1941. This operation was later made into the film "Operation Daybreak". There is a memorial fountain to these brave soldiers in the nearby Jephson Gardens.

As for paranormal activity here, there have been various reports of activity including a male spirit who doesn't seem to like women entering certain rooms. Shadow figures have been seen to move around on the ground floor and around the main staircase of the building. The spirits of children, men and women have been known to manifest and there has been activity in the cellars where people have the feeling of being watched.