teams current equipment

Below is the sort of the equipment that the team use. It is always being added to or upgrade.

Canonfs 306

FULL SPECTRUM DIGITAL VIDEO CAMERA - This recorder can see visible colours like the human eye, but it can also see near INFRARED and Ultraviolet. As such this increases the chance of capturing paranormal activity outside of our visible sight range. Designed and developed for professional paranormal investigators and serious ghost hunters. This is not a standard off the shelf camcorder, it has been modified to allow it to see beyond our range of vision. In addition to the spectrum of colours that our eyes see in every day life, (those we recognise in a Rainbow) this camcorder will also see Ultraviolet and Infrared Light providing an immediate advantage as it enables anomalies outside of the visible spectrum to be captured. These are then stored by the camcorder as an electronic representation of the UV, Visible and IR light. Similar to how a camcorder records a video, but for an extended range of light. this model records in HD.


Hhd 1300683577

SEMI_PRO HD NIGHT VISION CAMCORDER -   Again this camera records in full HD. The audio is captured at a much better quality than a standard camcorder. The camera can be used in normal mode to record during daylight and also at a flix of a switch turns to nightvision mode, which if youv'e seen TV and film you would have seen the picture with a green glow to it.



Full Spec

Full-Spectrum Digital Camera - Our cameras are fully modified with the removal of any infrared blocking filters designed by the manufacturer and then the cameras are refocused to give you crystal clear images that are not only in black and white, but in FULL COLOR! The cameras CCD will receive infrared light (720nm-1100nm), white visible light (400nm-720nm), and partial UV light (320nm-399nm). The resulting images suffer less from dust particle's etc. that can give the impression of orbs on a normal digital camera.


 K 2-meter 

EMF  - The well known K-II meter as seen on may paranormal programs. The group have 2 of these units. The K-II is an Electo-Magnetic Field Sensor. It detects EMF in the surrounding area and the different lights illuminate as the signal strength changes.

Spirit are believed to give off a Magnetic field when in the atmostphere.



Mel-Meter-REM-ATDD -  This is again a type of EMF meter like the K-II, in addition to detecting 'Natural' and man-made EMF frequencies (AC/DC) & ambient temperature changes in the environment, this new feature also uses a mini telescopic antenna to radiate its own independent magnetic field around the instrument. This EM field can be easily influenced by materials and objects that conduct electricity. Based on source proximity, strength and EM field distortion... four Multi-Colored LED lights can be activated in any order or combination. This device also includes our popular ATDD (Ambient Temperature Deviation Detection) unit that detects and alerts you to ambient temperature changes with an audio tone. If the temperature drops, a lower tone is heard and if the temperature rises the tone is heard with a higher pitch alert. This is very helpful in detecting environmental changes without staring at the unit all night.


TRI-FIELD METER - Again this is another type of EMF meter (K-II). As the name might suggest it cover 3 different areas. The meter can detect Electromagnetic, Magnetic and also RF field.


 2586compact _camera 

Compact Digital Camera  - Everyone's favourite the trusty digital camera, good for quick point and shoot, you never know what you will capture.



Ion/electric field detector - which can be useful for Paranormal ghost hunting research. The 'e-field' detector is very sensitive particularly to static fields from a good distance depending on weather/humidity and other environmental conditions. It is also quite sensitive to electrical mains power supplies which can be noticed by the different kind of sound when the device is brought near to mains electrical power, such as cables, lighting and any plugs in the house. It is also known to pick up electrical discharge from thunder storms too. 

 NV Camera    Cctv _clip _image 001

Night Vision CCTV cameras - We cameras record in zero light levels due to the inbuilt Infrared LED lights. We have 10 cameras in total. They are hard wired using proper CCTV cables. They are then run into CCTV camera system and recorded via a laptop.

 Electrosmog _RF_field _strength _power _meter _300MHz 

RF EMF Detector - Another version on the K-II meter, we have 3 currently.


Digital recorders / EVP machine - We have 8 of these machines of different types. The digital recorders are used to capture noises / voices not heard during the investigation or when left in a room. Spirits can communicate via these devices.

Best used when conducting a question and answer vigil, replies are usually only heard on checking the recorders later.

 Fluke -63

Infrared digital thermometer - used to check the base temperature of a location. Then during the investigation checking for cold/ hot spots. Spirits are believed to alter the temperature around them which people can feel as cold spots.

 Dowsing _rods 432_image2 

Dowsing Rods - used for many years a very old simple tool but still good. The rods can detect electromagnetic energy. Spirits can be detected and even followed!

Angle rods are the best tools to start with as almost everyone can get results when using them. They consist of 2Lshaped pieces of metal wire where normally one leg is 12 inches and the other 5 inches you can either purchase a set or make them yourself. I have three different sets, one made from a welding rod, one from brass and another from steel and have even heard of a set being made from 2 old metal coat hangers. Some people cover the small part of the rod with a plastic or wooden tube as this allows the rod to swivel freely no matter how hard you grip them, (the plastic shell of a ballpoint pen is ideal). I personally use no cover and have on the few occasions I have used them have found that, as the rods are thin they move freely enough. I have seen these used by several people with varying results and had success with them myself.

The rods have been used to detect underground water sources etc. so the user has to be mindful when using


 Crystal -glass -light -amethyst -dowsing -pendulum -282-p 

Dowsing Pendulums - Used by many believers in the medium / spirit field these crystals hang down and can be used to ask yes / no questions. It is difficult to believe that they work but once you try one you'll want one. We currently have about 15 of these in the kit. 

This is a crystal of either teardrop or pendulum shape and can be anything from an inch long. It is best to buy a crystal that already has a chain attached to it, as this can be difficult to do. I believe that every crystal has its own energy and a relationship is built between dowser and the crystal, which improves with constant communication. Choose your crystal carefully and never allow anyone else to use it, as this will corrupt it and could result in incorrect answers. 

How does Dowsing work? 

There seems to be three schools of thought: -

The dowser creates a bridge between the logical and the intuitive part of the mind, that is: the conscious {logical}, and the subconscious {intuitive}.

The dowser connects with a higher power, that is: that the information is coming from a 'divine' source, hence the name 'divining'

It is electromagnetic energy, radiating from everything, that causes the effect. However, how can a wooden or plastic object be influenced by an electromagnetic energy?


Planchette / Automatic Writing - Another favourite on investigations by guests is the planchette, they a used on a table covered in paper and guests place their finger tips on the board. Then asking questions the board moves. It is used for yes / no question but has been known for names, dates and even pictures to have been drawn.

We have 6 of these to use on investigations.



Laser Grid - This high powered laser emits a grid of green dots useful for detecting shadows or general visual disturbances during an investigation. Set it in front of a running camera to catch potential evidence.


 Eyes                 Ears